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Laser Line Filters

Laser Line Filters provide one of the simplest and most economical ways to transmit a well-defined wavelength band of light, while rejecting other unwanted radiation.
Laser Line Filters -- Central Wavelengths from 350 nm to 1550 nm
350nm, 488nm, 532nm, 632.8nm, 670nm, 780nm, 850nm, 980nm, 1060nm, 1310nm, 1550nm laser line typ.
1nm, 3nm, 10nm, 12nm, 25nm, 40nm, and 70 nm Bandpass Regions typ.

Ancient Prague

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About us

Shapeoptics technologies holdings is an optical engineering company in Singapore. And We have manufacturing facilities in Wuxi City, China. Singapore S-shop is the 1st laser optics & fiber optics shop on-web in Asia-Pacific. 

We sell stock optical substrates, optical crystals, optical lenses, optical mirrors, optical prisms, optical filters, optical beamsplitters, optical waveplates, polarization optics, quartz customization, optomechanics components, fiber passive components, fiber optical attenuators, fiber amplifiers, fiber optics tools, laser systems & accessories, light sources etc. to all the world with very competitive price.

Optical glass polishing

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