Optical Component

F-theta lens

F-theta lens

Description Shapeoptics provide high-precision F-theta lens applied in Laser marking, welding and laser cleaning etc. Applications ●Laser Marking ●Laser Precision Welding ●Laser Cleaning Benefits ●High damage threshold ●High transmission ●Wide scanning rang Products Focal Length Scanning Range Wavelength Material Maximum incident light spot Maximum AOI 100 mm 70*70 mm 10.6 μm ZnSe Φ10 mm 28° …

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Laser beam expander

Laser Beam Expander

Description Laser beam expander is designed to either decrease he laser’s beam spot size at large distances or roduce a larger collimated output laser beam. Applications ●Laser Cutting ●Laser Welding ●Laser Marking Benefits ●High damage threshold ●High transmission Products Expansion Clear Aperture Diameter(mm) Wavelength Material 1.5X Φ10 Φ12 10.6μm GaAs 2.5X Φ10 Φ19 10.6μm GaAs …

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Description A prism is a transparent polyhedron, which is formed by two intersecting but uneven lines.A prism is used to light the path of light or to disperse the beam. We can process a rectangular prism, a diagonal prism, a pentagonal prism, and so on Applications ●Cameras, projectors, periscopes and telescopes ●Fingerprints, levels, gun sights, …

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Optical lens

Optical Lens

Description Shapeoptics manufactures kinds of lens, include single lens and achromatic doublet lens Applications ● Camera,projectors ●Measuring instrument, optical device ●Medical instrument ● Laser processing equipment Benefits ● Processing a variety of raw materials ● Excellent surface quality ● High precision ●Coating according to customer requirements Products ●Material:BK7, Fused Silica, GE SI ZnSe Sapphire CaF2 etc. ● …

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