filters for remote monitoring by drones

Filters specially designed for remote monitoring by drones

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We are delighted to offer series of filters specially designed for remote monitoring by drones. Filters are covered from UV band to IR band.


●Monitor forest fire

●Agricultural monitoring

●Detect Corona and Arcing Emitted on high voltage equipment

●Range Finding

●Image recognition


●Wide field of view with minimal spectral shift

●High transmission

●High temperature stability

●Size and shape as your request


Band CWL FWHM Tpeak Blocking(average)
UV 266nm 20nm T>20% OD12@300-700nm
VIS 440nm 15nm T>90% OD4@UV-1200nm
505nm 20nm T>90% OD4@UV-1200nm
665nm 15nm T>90% OD4@UV-1200nm
NIR 840nm 15nm T>90% OD4@UV-1200nm
905nm 15nm T>90% OD4@UV-1200nm
940nm 15nm T>90% OD4@UV-1200nm
1550nm 60nm T>90% OD4@UV-1800nm
1575nm 60nm T>90% OD4@UV-1800nm
IR 3.4μm 140nm T>85% OD3@UV-11μm
4.66μm 180nm T>85% OD3@UV-11μm
5.33μm 300nm T>85% OD3@UV-11μm
7.3μm 180nm T>85% OD3@UV-11μm

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