Product Application Manager, Fibre Optics

Candidates interested in this role should have the following skills

  • Support pre and post-sales activities to customers globally
  • Provide technical support to customers’ queries through sales meeting or other form of communication regarding to Optic Fibre products
  • Work close with Business Development team to fulfill customers requirement
  • Responsible for the following aspects of customer program: costs, quality, delivery
  • Ensure integrity of customer information and program updates in the system
  • Participate in local and overseas exhibitions in terms of Optic Fibre products


  • Masters / Degree in relevant fields of fibre optics/optics fiber engineering /mechanical /electronics.
  • 8 years of working experience in optic fiber application at components / system level for industrial or commercial purpose
  • Demonstrated strong knowledge in optic fiber processes / optical assemblies application
  • Effective communication and strong business acumen
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Applications of Optics Fiber

 Optics Fibre cables find many uses in a wide variety of industries and applications. Some uses of Optic Fiber cables include:

  • Medical
    Used as light guides, imaging tools and also as lasers for surgeries
  • Defense/Government
    Used as hydrophones for seismic waves and SONAR , as wiring in aircraft, submarines and other vehicles and also for field networking
  • Data Storage
    Used for data transmission
  • Telecommunications
    Fiber is laid and used for transmitting and receiving purposes
  • Networking
    Used to connect users and servers in a variety of network settings and help increase the speed and accuracy of data transmission
  • Industrial/Commercial
    Used for imaging in hard to reach areas, as wiring where EMI is an issue, as sensory devices to make temperature, pressure and other measurements, and as wiring in automobiles and in industrial settings
  • Broadcast/CATV
    Broadcast/cable companies are using fiber optics cables for wiring CATV, HDTV, internet, video on-demand and other applications
        Fiber optics cables are used for lighting and imaging and as sensors to measure and monitor a vast array of variables. Fiber optics cables are also used in research and development and testing across all the above mentioned industries.

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